Pelle Saether

Pelle has previously sung and recorded with bands like Unchained, Schizophrenic Circus, Zello and Zeelion. He also runs Studio Underground and has produced numerous bands.


Dennis Vestman
Guitar, backing vocals

Dennis has previously recorded with bands like Steel Attack and Carnal Forge.


Janne Stark
Lead guitar, backing vocals

Janne has previously recorded with bands like Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Mountain of Power, Paradize, BALLS, Planet Alliance etc.

Favourite quote: “If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off”
Music you will find in my iPod: King’s X, Jack In The Box, Clutch, Kansas
Equipment: VGS Guitars with True Temperament fretting, Evertune and Dominger pick-ups, Power Pedals, Marshall amp


Mats Vassfjord
Bass, backing vocals

Mats can also be found in bands like Impera and Chris Laneys Legion. He has also recorded with Scaar.

Equipment: Spector bass.


Magnus Ulfstedt
Drums, backing vocals

Magnus has been found in various bands like Talisman, Torch, Jimi Jamison,Mitch Malloy etc.