Rawk Back To The 80s!


New album out in September!


Here's the artwork for "Thrill Of The Night", made by André Beckston (aka Monowasp)

Grand Design


Swedish melodic rawk!



10 Outta 10 - Review!

BeRock Radio MiniZine gave "Thrill Of The Night" 10 outta 10!

Link: BeRock radio


First review up!!!

AORLAND was the first to get a review out! A brilliant one it is!



New album teaser official!!!

A teaser for the forthcomin Grand Design album "Thrill Of The Night" is now official! The album, featuring 10 classic eighties melodic rockers, will be released by AOR Heaven on September 26.

Click here: Thrill of The Night video teaser


Väsby Rock rocked!!!

Thanks to all of you who came and helped us rock the Väsby Rock festival! We had a great time!!


Grand Design's new album is finished!

Grand Design's third album will be released in September, and soon we will reveal the titel and cover artwork! Stay tuned!!.


Grand Design at Väsby Rock!

Don't miss the band at the Väsby Rock Festival!.